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Nuts are usually edible health-preserving hard fruit. Our offering of nuts is a popular snack enjoyed by people of all ages. These are good nutrients and can provide many health benefits. Nuts are a great source of fiber, which helps keep your digestive system healthy and balanced. They are important for building and repairing tissues in the body. Some research suggests that nuts and dried fruits are beneficial for heart health. Nuts have been shown to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. Nuts are high in calories, but they can also help control weight. Our dried fruit and nut mix adds flavor, sweetness, and nutrition to the mix, while the nuts add crunch, protein and healthy fats. All the nuts like almonds, cashews, peanuts, pistachios, walnuts can get the best taste here.

We offer a wide variety of nuts including almonds, peanuts, pistachios, walnuts. We offer this in bulk or individual serving sizes. As the demand for healthy snacks and plant-based proteins is on the rise, we manufacture and deliver them just in time. We implement these in the best possible way. Once the nuts are cleaned and dried, they undergo additional processing steps such as roasting, shelling or grinding. We provide these to you only after meeting certain quality and safety requirements. Nuts and dry fruits can be purchased from us in bulk, online markets and directly from various facilities. The price of cashew nut is best in the market and available here with high quality. We offer these in various sizes and packaging options. We offer professionally cleaned and packed delicious nuts. As only well experts are involved in its process, its quality and taste is at its peak. We also offer Nuts and Dry Fruits online in various sizes as per customer's requirement. Get wholesale nuts and dried fruit here.

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In 1952, our company was commenced at the hands of T.R. Venkatachalam Chetty in his name. We are concerned with the dealing of cashew nuts and dry fruits all over the world for years. In 2006, Mr. Yuvaraj, being an heir of the family which has an astonishing experience in this business for 6 decades has enrolled to start up TRV CASHEW COMPANY with the State of the art.

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